LMTA Management staff presenting the Chairman of the Kiribati Local Government Association,

Mayor Raurenti Toatu of TUC (acting on behalf of all the 23 Mayors of Kiribati), and KILGA officials with a Subaru Vehicle.


Wishing everyone a happy Independence. Te Mauri (Health)Te Raoi (Peace) ao Te Tabomoa (Prosperity) to you all

Independence Day.png

LMTA sponsoring prizes for High school basketball competition 2020 on South Tarawa


KCCI (Kiribati Chamber of Commerce and Industries) welcome dinner with H. E Taaneti Maamau and the First Lady on 7th July 2020 (Roote Raratu LMTA Human Resource Manager) on behalf of lmta


LMTA supports local business development in Kiribati. Pictured below Louisa Teaotai (MD - LMTA; center) with the CEO and other Board Member's of the KCCI who were involved in the adoption of the Private Sector Code of Conduct earlier in 2020.

Screenshot 2020-07-16 at 12.23.10 PM.png

We are proud to sponsor the interschool basketball competition 2020. LMTA recognises the importance of sports for the youth of Kiribati and the LMTA team are proud to have helped the sporting community. Great job to all of the participants!


Celebrating Father's Day with all the Dads at LMTA and Te Uri!

Te Uri and LMTA celebrating International Women's Day!


LMTA & Te Uri Awards recognising junior and senior staff efforts and contributions for 2019 A big thank you to all of our staff for their hard work and contributions this past year


A special shoutout to Barateta Teaotai, Taato Murdoch, Natanga Betero and our workshop boys. Their combined efforts have earned LMTA an award “in recognition of valuable contribution to Kiribati economic development in the automotives industry, as a registered car dealer” and also the “People’s Choice” for the most successful business in the mechanical workshop sector.

Also, a big thank you to our customers for another year of great support. Wishing you all the best in the coming new year. Kam rabwa ao kam na bane n tekeraoi!