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Located on South Tarawa, Kiribati LMTA is a local family owned business started by Ata & Bernadette Teaotai in 1989 as a restaurant and small general store. Today it has expanded from its humble beginnings but still remains 100% Kiribati owned and run. LMTA now includes vehicle sales and rental services, workshop facilities and general cargo imports. We are committed to excellent service, honesty and reliability and are focused on supporting local development and keeping profits in Kiribati. LMTA is also affiliated with the Te Uri group of stores, restaurants and general cargo imports.


The needs of our customers are very important to us. However, we also believe in supporting the community that surrounds us. LMTA is proud to sponsor a number of local sporting teams and sporting events here in Kiribati. We also have a new initiative through Te Uri that supports local housewives to earn from home by making tibutas and local handicrafts. We have a local produce area at Antebuka Store where we display and sell local foods, handicrafts and clothes from the villages on South Tarawa and the outer islands across the Gilbert Island Group. 

To enquire about how LMTA can assist you or should you have any enquiries, simply visit our Contact Us page or drop in for a visit.

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